Hulbert Financial Digest Investment Newsletter Honor Roll for the eighth year in a row!

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“Stock buybacks are the simplest and best way a company can reward its investors.”  legendary investor Peter Lynch.

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We're on Hulbert's 2018 Honor Roll !

The Buyback Letter was named to The Hulbert 2017-2018 Investment Newsletter Honor Roll. This is the eighth year in a row The Buyback Letter had been honored for this! There were only 7 that made the Honor Roll. To be in this select group, a newsletter must exhibit above-average performance in both up AND down markets.

As Hulbert advises, "The key to long-term success is actually following a strategy through thick and thin."



"David Fried's Buyback Letter is one of the best in the business. He makes money for subscribers year-in and year-out, in up and down markets, with honesty, integrity and consistency." - Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Stock Trader's Almanac

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Subscription Information

The Buyback Letter is a full-service monthly newsletter with complete instructions on what to invest in and when to invest.

Your 30 Day Risk Free Trial includes:

  1. Buy, sell and hold instructions for all five of our model portfolios; The Buyback Index, The Buyback Income Index, The Buyback High Tech Portfolio, The Buyback Health and Biotech Portfolio and The Buyback Dogs.
  2. All new buyback announcements in real time.
  3. Bonus Report; The One Buyback Stock you must own NOW!
  4. Additionally, you will receive our weekly market sentiment indicator,

You will have access to tables tracking portfolio values and the entire performance history of each portfolio.  .  You may keep the bonus reports even if you decide to cancel during the trial period. Your credit card will not be charged for 30 days. Thereafter your subscription will be automatically renewed until you cancel.

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Editor's Guarantee

Editor - David R. Fried

I subscribed to financial newsletters before I launched the Buyback Letter. As a result, I swore that I would never let my subscribers experience anything that bothered me about other newsletters, like dropping coverage on a stock without letting the subscribers know, or publishing only the good results.

At the Buyback Letter, we never, ever leave you wondering about what happened to a stock or what you should be invested in. We clearly state what should be bought and sold – and when. Past history is there for all to see at any time. As the editor of the Buyback Letter, I give you my personal guarantee of complete transparency: our goal is to make your investing easier!


David Fried, Editor
The Buyback Letter.

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